Worawut Boriboonthanakij, PHD

It was my pleasure to serve all of our fellow members especially the healthcare as I believe as always that one of the most important things of the success person is to have a good quality of life. Apart from the consistent income you earned yet also need to have a good health simultaneously. That is the main reason why I pay much attention on inventing a good quality of products to meet our member’s satisfaction. The target was not to massively produced or emphasized only on making a profit but the most important things is the good outcome after using the products, they must giving a good result after apply it and lead to a natural mouth to mouth while we also value the consumer’s safety. The product itself must not have any side effected, not danger toward the consumers so we do assure you that

“We will always produce a premium quality of product, standardize to make you all healthy and receiving a consistence income from Maxx internetwork”.

Prakasit Lertmookda, PHD

Maxx internetwork Co., Ltd was found upon my intention to distribute success to all fellow Thai members, making you all to have a consistence income and better quality of life through the key structure of the business as ;

“We greatly hope that Maxx internetwork business would be an answer for every people and the company will do everything for a big glory target, a target that “Maxx inter network” business will make every people’s target come true.

Yuddhasilpa Thiwasub

Apart from being a new young managing director who handling the overall picture of the business “Maxx Internetwork”, the trendy network marketing company. But he is also a brilliant coach who is training member for the knowledge. Today we will see this man’s vision in terms of managing and coaching.

Yudhasilpa Thiwasub a managing director of Maxx internetwork Co, Ltd reveals his vision as MD of the company; his major role is to supervise the business as a whole especially the administrative both internal and external.

In terms of internal administrative, I am supervising the entire back office operation by working with Vithivat Jarahirun, Deputy MD who is also having a very good knowledge in managing back end operation. He has a very good experience in administrative, and help leverage other management team in terms of branch opening abroad.

Threevasid Chayawattana, Deputy MD handling company’s rules and regulation as well as the code of ethics. In direct marketing business where there are numerous of people involve it is greatly required to have a code of ethics to enforced. If the company’s rule is weak and does not strengthen enough it could impact the business management.

“So we have given Threevasit to specially taken care code of ethics by giving a deputy director to handle this division. As I see this is a very big important thing in direct marketing business and affected directly among the memberships that is why we need someone to taken care of”
“As you can clearly see the growth in Maxx internetwork’s business start with the organizational structure of the company that you could clearly see there are many new section added. Latest we have Jirawat Sangpakdee promoted to be the third Deputy MD to handling IT system due to we realized the importance of the technologies that we need to step up to reach the world trend. And we are so lucky and honor to have a top expert Programmer of Thailand come join us, making Maxx internetwork to have a completed online system implant.

The reason that we have to address that our system is applicable due to presently there are many direct marketing companies who claimed that they have a good online system application but in fact once deeply look into it you will see that those online system is either only tools use for clicking Like and Share button or even some of them having a disable application. Those applications are only for a company’s image purpose.

“While we are having an IT system developer and programmer that capable to invent the IT system as wishes, making us to enable online tooling system, allowing members to search company’s information prompt bringing an application to the real world and 100% applicable. This is the all in one application beneath Maxx internetwork company available whether for product information or company profile. Moreover we have vdo online broadcast that no need to tide up with Youtube or Facebook, everyone that has this application could watch this live training vdo broadcast via mobile phone. The application also allows members to spontaneously sales or purchase products online thru the application. Our IT system is absolutely ease the business members to even get a commission payment spontaneously after sold a business package and later selecting those products item of the package. Our members are very excited after using this system during the past two month of Close Beta test running. After the testing we plan to launch the system at the upcoming event “The Honor”.
Managing director of Maxx inter network continue his speech that making a business today is not a matter of too fast or too slow but it is a matter that business has a safe and secure status or not. Maxx inter network today didn’t work as same as other company’s strategy that mainly focus on stores expansion, even though not expanding as same as other doesn’t mean we have a cash flow issue but the strategic planning as of today need to consider our readiness.

“Nowadays people could easily reach news and media, and mainly the business walks forward faster before the branch open and there are several partners who want to join us. Currently Maxx internetwork has a very high stability as we will not execute anything that we don’t think we ready to do. The members could be assured that once you joined us the business, we are stable organization that surrounded by new young management team who think and act fast but must primary consider upon the safe and secure as the world today rolls rapidly so we can no longer walk slowly, consequently we plan our strategy this year to work rapidly and act fast but steady.

Apart from being a Managing Director of Maxx internetwork Yudhasilpa is also holding another important role, a role of “Trainer” a role that questioning by many people on why such a top management will have to coach and training by himself.

“One of the main reason that I have to be a coach as I don’t think will there be anyone would know the member’s need better than the owner, even we hire difference coaches who has difference expertise and skill set but when I teach I can teach them using the actual problem that happened in the business as a lesson since I understand which point that our member still need and what do I need to fill them up and I will teach everything base on the fact of this business”

Coach James said that not everyone could be a coach. “To become a coach that person must have experiences, knowledge and understanding as the most important thing of being a coach, he/she must have an excellence ability to relay and communicate knowledge, just own talented is not enough. So you must always develop and educate yourself if you want to be a trainer”.

“Even I am a trainer but I never stop develop myself, enhancing my training skill, always bringing myself to be in a national course and experience new knowledge to communicate and train to the members. Each courses cost me a THB50,000 or THB100,000 but we bring back these knowledge and teach the members free of charge as Maxx internetwork is the company that has no intention to make a profit on seminar or training course and we clearly state that we are a direct marketing company, a networking marketing company specialize in training. Thus we consider what tools do we have to apply to transform our consumer to a sellers, from a seller to a business members and lift up from a businessman to a professional, all aforementioned was derived from teaching and seminar course” Yudhasilpa, MD said.
“I personally focus on the selling development skill, due to network marketing is the direct sales business that have supplementary food products as medium to drive company. So everyone who is in this business must learn and develop his/her selling skills. Prior selling the products, you must be able to sell yourself firstly as your image influenced customer’s decision whether to buy or not. This is the skill we try to teach our business members when everyone capable to sales then it creates the stability to the structure of business. Today I am being a trainer due to I want to change the business member’s direction to focus more on the consumer as it is very important for the network marketing business. We want to develop our network builder to professionally build a network thru business tools, courses, learning and seminar system.

Yudhasilpa, MD also said that another one important thing in doing a business in this era is branding, as of now it is easy for everyone to reach the information so there is one attitude I have been holding for now “famous is much important than versatility” as only versatility won’t be enough but you must be famous as well.

“So I try to brought myself into attention, be in a spotlight stage and whenever we were in the point where people can see us clearly then we are able to help number of people and this is the important point that I myself happy to take this opportunity to be both managing director and trainer. I prefer people to call me a coach rather than MD as they can come to ask me for any advice when they want to learn or achieve. “Managing director of Maxx internetwork said”


Threevasid Chayawattana

“We are ready to assist our members according to the good governance without discrimination and prompt to standardized and create a morality with a fineness ethics to sustained organization’s structure.

Jirawat Seangpukdee

IT and technology changed life; currently technology has influenced to our life almost all the times whether working at home or daily life affected as you can see the ability to reach the sources including the ability to communicated is enhancing with the evolving of the media communication and computer that link all the communication around the world to spontaneously chat, conference, faced time and send picture to each other even you are in a remote area.

“Explore the world of business in 24hr; IT stage” in Jirawat Seangpukdee’s version, a deputy managing director of a support division, an idol whose cyber fan gave him a short name of “Mark Zuckerberg” of Maxx inter network Kingdom. A hottest guy who is behind the achievement of a direct marketing network business, another key person who keeps invented numerous of masterpiece to support and enhance businessman’s potential, a man who help in making Maxx inter network’s online information strong and ready to support a growth of the network in the future greatly.

“The accomplishment of inventing sales and business expansion is not an easy thing to get but it is not too difficult to execute either. Our world change every day so does the business, when the world roll we will have to follow so we can stand firmly and rapidly achieved. It is important to adapt and apply your business to suite the current trend and there are also many factors that leading you to a definite success in network marketing business”.
The success of “Maxx Inter Network” the company is not only addressing on the learning or skill enhancement toward the fellow members who are like a family to be ready to move forward to a meet a better success life, yet supporting to growth the organization in having an important tools that involve IT support system to urge the successful of the businessmen/women to success effectively and efficiently in just a short period of time.

Even there are several big fishes and small fishes in in this industry, making the same business but the key to make this competition competed is the marketing strategy, concentration, determination prompt with a good attitude that ready to sculpt an outstanding work of art reveal to the social media world for everyone to visualize and draw people’ attention to come together.
Under the application call “Maxx Power” a core gear for the businessmen/woman or any interesting people to study how to make a business thru this Mobile application. We create an opportunity and success in online business including “Maxx Barter” that invented to meet the lifestyle of new generations, a marketing innovation that packed the alliances like to redeem point for a movie ticket from the business partners/alliances to get a Gift voucher for instance.

More than 15 years of experienced I had plus the 10 years working experiences with a network marketing company, these making “Jirawat” step up to have a major role in the organization and yet he is well-known and accepted among communication and development technology groups that he is the person who focus more on the important of IT development system or Information Technology than anyone else. Also he is promoting the business to broadly growth without using the old fashion way of direct sell style “dully, insisting, bagging, hard selling” but transform and draw people to willing join the business by his own way.

“IT system was brought to use in every type of business not specifically only in network marketing business, Maxx internetwork has arranged IT system into 2 types; firstly the backend IT operation that will keep balancing the business model such as membership database, marketing strategy, calculation and purchasing as these help shorten the communication and working lead time among the divisions, without them we could lost many opportunities, and time wasting, it also help minimize risk and chaos that could have happened. While 2nd the front end IT operation to use them in advertising, public relation, with just a single click and choices to share company information, news etc. through face book, line, instragram, twister handy”
We could say that now everyone is able to make a success on Maxx inter network faster and easier just a single touch of your finger. Additionally both existing and new members are capable of self-learning through this application call E-learning, and smarter than that we capable to live through facebook live on facebook application, now no matter what company has any event, any activities wherever our members would not miss and able to visualize and touch which this kind of system really call more and more attention from the members.

We could call this man “Jirawat Seangpukdee a direct marketing business revolution, transform to the new system not just gather people to seminar or insisting people to be a down line any longer. The company has a channel for everyone to access the knowledge easier, faster and able to enhance this knowledge to develop to maximize the efficiency of your operation or as we called knowledge management which is important to every organization.

“You are able to work anywhere in this world and simply making business without falling from the trend or news. You can always study at all times, definitely this free of charge and limitless share them to your friend so you can save your word in convincing people into the business as people currently only think of social network, just one click you can make a job done and we believe that in this coming future we will definitely step up to be the number one of Asia.

Today “Maxx Inter Network becomes a leading quality company of the country and we are ready to move forward to next year tremendously and steadily.

Vithiwat Jirahirunyut

Drive “Maxx Inter Network” to be a builder and success delivery business model.
If we are talking about the hottest direct marketing brand in this period none of company would definitely compare to Maxx inter network since we open the business from Jan 15 2014, the company has implemented several big surprise for network marketing industry whether the sales revenue of 300 MB earned in the first year and continue to climb up to hit a billion company very soon, in the mean time we have continuously opened several business alliance companies to supplement the company’s strongest, prepared ourselves to a target of having a direct marketing business model that will forward the success and network builder according to our slogan “Easy business anyone can do” under Easy Maxx strategy easy selling, easy system and easy marketing plan.

Vithiwat Jirahirunyud a deputy managing director of Maxx Inter Network Co., Ltd, one of the management member team who drive Maxx Inter business model to a model that able to build and forward the success to Maxx’s business members in long run with his knowledge and expertise that used to work in various type of business whether selling, managing, business owner or even a golf professional athlete for several years, it formed him various types of knowledge that able to apply perfectly toward the management team in “Maxx Inter”.

“I saw the determination in both of our CEO “Prakasid, Lertmookda, PHD and Worawut Boriboonthanakij, PHD that have a strong vision and aspiration to change people’s life by distribute all the success to all members to have a consistence income and having a better life, so it made me decided to join the company”.
As a deputy managing director of “Maxx Inter”, Vithiwat is mainly responsible to manage 4 key mission including 1. Inventory and branch management both in Thailand include CDC head quarter, Khonkhen center, Rayong center, Had Yai center, Ratchaburi center, and international branch that are going to officially open very soon at Myanmar and another 36 distribution centers across country including the one in Laos and Myanmar. 2. Products management on research and development, packaging design, communicating to manufacturers and suppliers 3. Handling financial and accounting with commission payment 4. Inventory and supply chain management.

“In each division we will normally assign manager and director to supervise all the work to ensure all of them run smoothly and follow the company’s strategic plan. Currently we have “Maxx coffee” corner in each branch and distribution center to generate more channel of income for them, yet we have arranged online course training and audio and vdo broadcast to draw a traffic and attract to move new people to the company. For the products themselves the company never stops developing to earn good quality and packaging. Consequently Maxx inter network now has more than 50-60 product types available in 7 main products line group, and we will soon continuously launch new several products and a new project “New Look New Life by Maxx” a weight lost competition to win a prize of more than THB50,000 in order to help urge the working of business members.

From a concrete strategic driving plan of the company Vithiwat confidence that this year will be the great year of “Maxx Inter Network as it will break all the business limitation, releasing Maxx barter project that offer members to enjoy using point to purchase various of products from our leading stores partner such as Baan Krong Num, Swensen, Resorts, Hotel and Theaters. This is new phenomenon that differentiated us from other network marketing business that will not underline members to buy only company’s product but able to buy products and service from all brands who are barter alliance.
“With this function we have various types of products and services available for the members to enjoy select and shop, as a result we receive an overwhelm feedback from our members after unofficially launched the project for the past two months so we plan to officially launch this project in the next coming event “The Honor” in June.

Asides from the continuously approaching strategy we did in Thailand, with the unlimited business boundary of Maxx inter network on Maxx Barter project once packed with the continuously of new products invented and release, the company also determine to build and expand Maxx Inter kingdom to AEC market which we have distribution center in Laos already and prepare to open an official branch in Myanmar under Maxx inter Network Myanmar before expand to Cambodia which all these countries are the important jigsaw to help build on Maxx Inter Business to further step of getting to a billion company in the near future.

“International marketing especially Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia are the potential market for a further growth as we already have them as our member already. Thus once we officially open the branch there, all these member will be ready to run a business as they aware that Products of Maxx inter network is a quality product, truly pay and giving especially Myanmar’s members who are really ready for it. However every market has a difference feature as we have to understand and clearly seen it, and for myself I believed in Maxx inter network who is completed in every way since the stability for the company, premium quality of products and well payment of commission, this the charm of Maxx Inter network”

“The challenge in this business “Maxx inter” is to drive this organization to achieve the target which is changing everyone target to be true by building and forward all the success with business model of Maxx inter and I truly believe that “Maxx inter” in the future will be a company that has a most stabilize network. I felt today the ideal, attitude and vision of the CEO who look into future, determine and seriously constructing the concrete structure of the company to be able to deliver this success to every Maxx Inter businessmen/women.

Jaturong Phongnarudej

Deputy managing director of Maxx Inter Network Co., Ltd

One of the management team member who has an expertise and valuable experiences for more than 20 years in Network marketing business, he is ready to be one of the management team in help driving Maxx organization move to a billion achievement target. With a vision of our both CEO, a new young executive who have a new invented idea, truly understand the current business circumstance, I am confidence that Maxx is ready in every aspects to gear up members an easy achievement. By taking care head quarter and branches, focus on servicing development toward the members including the management of fast and effective delivery.

“I am ready to taking care all members and move forward to the success together”