Application fee start at THB100, the new member or the 1 st code apply required to have a credit first, by buying a registration set for THB200 (credit value for registration set = 1 credit) and this apply one time only for the 1 st code, hence no credit require for a second code apply.

Registration set included:

  • Membership Handbook
  • Product Revolution Magazine
  • Life insurance (Death coverage only)
  • Member card with the identification name plus awelcome to business document (Later distribute)

Register condition in brief

  • THB100 application fee + THB200 registration set (1credit) for new code (1st code) apply
  • THB100 only for the second code registration
Please help to complete the registration form for your own beneficial. The company reserves the right to offer all the benefits only to the one who provide completed documents with filled application.