Company History

Company InformationWHY MAXX INTER NETWORK?

Maxx internetwork is one of the most remarkable and distinctive company of Thailand in brand and products builder, public relation and presenter. We are also a current network marketing company who has a fierce marketing plan with the highest benefit of 65% payment among others.

Furthermore we developed a friendly mobile application used as if there are online store available thru mobile phone with the excellence service in logistic and supply chain support. Not only the application but also keep developing the product packaging while continuously initiate new innovation and systems that superior when compare to others in the market.

Also we have several training and membership development courses and system implant, the excellence business expansion system including Global Barter, distinguish system that capable to generate income growth as it would be a better idea to have several of consumer products available to purchase so we can convert our expense to income with just a single click.

Maxx internetwork company does not focus in subsidiary expansion as we foreseen the fix cost issue in the long terms so we significantly pay attention to IT and logistic system development instead in order to improve and find an efficiency way to smooth our shipment delivery. We consider and interested to better expand our online shop on mobile as Maxx internetwork are now a new model of 4.0 digital businesses format as same as Lazada who also does not focus on subsidiary expansion but an online store network builder. And this is the latest innovation system we have launched that make our Maxx internetwork growth steadily and become an in trend business that meet the businessmen’s life style in this era.

Maxx Academy

Maxx inter network is the company that focusing on membership development system which address specifically on people development. So we divided them into 2 dimensions.

1st Dimension

Internal Skills: A personal development skill as following details;

1. Reborn
A course to organize thought, mindset, emotional and action behavior

2. Action
An action course to ice breaking self-behavior and lead to success including how to do self-management with a daily work

3. Commarndo Camp
A course that will teach you to overcome your limitation and eliminates your fear in mind. Make your mind influence over your body and feeling. Do it even you are not ready, do it even you are skeptical or fear.

2nd Dimension

Networking skill training as following;

1. Fasttrack
Start with basic skill, knowhow and formed a fundamental structure to lead no skill member to a successor

2. Professional Course
A course that address on thinking development, mindset and ability to do the routine and daily work, yet the leader must be able to pass on this knowledge to the team which is an important knowledge in becoming a professional

3. Leadership Course
A course that focus to develop the members in the organization to be a good leader and ability to pass on this knowledge to others

4. Train the Trainer
A course that teach and develop a person to be a trainer or motivational speaker, a speaker on stage who pass on the accomplishment and bring others to the organization.

On Mobile Application, an online purchasing system and Professional logistic system

Maxx Internetwork has joined with Kerry Express, a logistic professional company of the country to assist us in delivery management to deliver express across the country within a day. As we have a well-organized backend operation that helps our customer/member to receive a product rapidly in a good beauty product packaging.


You can just simply buy a product from our online application thru mobile phone call “Maxx Power”, it provide a multiple functions that allows you to not only order the products but also to manage other transaction such as facilities services through the application under one mobile phone to meet 4.0 digital business model trend in this era. We determine ourselves to be a leader in providing the members the utmost convenience in purchasing products and service thru the mobile application in order to minimize the cost and maximize the profit to generate a fast performance without travelling to the office or distribution center.

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