How to order

How to order

1. Top up your E Wallet account to start making purchases by transferring money to the company’s bank account

Once transferred please send your transferred slip and identify your name and membership code to CS to help top up your Ewallet. Below is the channel of sending your documents;

  • Line Maxx CS / ID Line : maxxcs
  • Fax : +66 2101 6751

2. Member Login = Input your username and password

3. Click “Purchasing info”

4. Click “Purchase product” and start purchasing the products per your purpose

4.1 Select purchasing pattern which we have 3 main types of pattern for you to select;

4.1.1 Purchase but transfer sales volume next month

4.1.2 Purchase but hold points

4.1.3 Purchase with having sales count within a month

4.1.4 Purchase with point hold with your choices to; Purchase Business package to gain position Normal purchase to enhance your position or maintain your personal qualifying volume

4.2 Enter the membership code that you want to use and ensure the name and code is corrected

For example: 000001 Mr. Maxx Inter

4.3 Select delivery type which we have 2 main types as below;

4.3.1 Shipment Delivery: You must fill up the delivery address form at the bottom of the page, and system will arrange the delivery for you. Delivery time is around 1-2 working days.

4.3.2 Self pick up: You can pick up the product by yourself by choosing the following 5 available service centers whereas CDC Service Center (HQ), Ratchaburi Service Center, Rayong Service Center, Konkhen Service Center and Had Yai Service Center.

4.3.3 You can select and purchase the products under the business package you need. There are 4 types of business package as below;

– A. DIS: start at THB3,500 but not over THB4,500

– B. EX: start at THB17,500 but not over THB22,500

– C. BIZ: start at THB35,000 but not over THB45,000

– D. MD: start at THB70,000 but not over THB90,000

Making a check box at the basket in front of the products until the value of the money and points completed the package value you selected

4.3.4 Click “Recheck” once you have completed selected the items according to the package you need, the system will automatically run and calculate the total amount of the item you have selected. It will also inform you which type of business package you have selected when you buy in a package.

If the information filled correctly and completed the system will show “Pass”, click “Save” to finish you purchase as a last step.